Thursday, December 14, 2006

WiFi 4U

I just love reading Albany Eye, don't you? Do you think he's married?Tons of ink a few weeks ago for Albany FreeNet, the new wifi hotspots covering downtown and other parts of the city. At the press conference, head of Tech Valley Communications and former CEG regionalization guru Kevin O'Connor said, "This is truly fashioned in the model of free access. It's completely open and free Internet access." Yes, it's completely open and free ---but it limits users to one hour a day. Thanks for nothing.

Savvy wifi users know where O'Connor can stick Albany FreeNet, because there are loads of places you can get wireless access without paying for it. Just type in your zip code and run a search, or consult one of the directories like this one. Even Time Warner has a bunch of free local access points ---and they don't usually give anything away. The best place for free access? Head down to Charter One Bank at the corner of State and Pearl. You can grab a coffee at Starbucks, settle into one of those big cozy chairs, and choose from any number of free wireless connections. If you're lucky, the bank may get robbed again while you're there.