Saturday, December 02, 2006

Veg Out

Patricia Keelan of Waterford writes the Times Union:
I live in Waterford and pass the Halfmoon-Waterford firehouse every day. I was extremely upset when on Thanksgiving morning I had to run out to the store and read an insensitive sign outside the firehouse: "Do the turkeys know the end is near?" I did not find it amusing. Due to the display of callous indifference toward the suffering and death of animals, the message ruined what was the start of a beautiful day of giving thanks. For those of us who are vegetarian, or vegan, and detest the suffering and death inflicted on millions of turkeys at this time of the year, please find a more egalitarian and peaceful message to send not only to the residents of this community but others who pass this firehouse every day.
Might I suggest, "Do the vegetarians know what they're missing?"