Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lazy Wednesday

They Axed For It
Shortly after judge Jeffrey Berry threw the book at Chris Porco, Mark McGuire threw the book at WNYT and WRGB. It only took minutes for McGuire to post to his blog, slamming the stations for dropping the ball on the biggest story of the year. He didn't accuse them of being incompetent, just greedy ---suggesting they wanted to avoid preempting Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil:
A sentencing for one of the most high-profile criminal cases ever to touch the Capital Region begged for these outlets to uphold its responsibility to the public and cut into its regular schedule and, yes, even profits.
They're Waiting For You at Bellevue
OK, everybody who's sick of hearing about Bellevue Hospital, please raise your hands.

The hospital is throwing another rally today in its full court press to avoid the closure recommended under the Berger Commission report. You've got to admit, it's a little hard for common folk to muster up much feeling for the place. Right of wrong, many people perceive Bellevue as a snooty, exclusive facility that caters to women who wouldn't be caught dead in an ordinary hospital. God forbid you end up in Albany Med or St. Clare's with all of those poor sick people, right?

Owning It
So it's official: WRGB now holds the keys to WCWN, AKA The Capital Region's CW. They've made it pretty clear that they're fixing to put up a 10pm news as soon as possible, but what should be interesting is who anchors that show. The CW is squarely targeted at young women; whether they'll take to the staidly uncomfortable anchor team of Liz Bishop and Greg Floyd is highly questionable. It could work if you think kids want to hear the news from their parents ---or depending on your perspective, their father and grandmother.