Friday, December 01, 2006

If A Tree Falls On the Web...

Mark McGuire's column today is about the "murky world of blogging," internet message boards, and web sites ---and the influence they have on the mainstream media. There's no shortage of discussions these days about all this unfiltered web content, but the local spin makes his story must read stuff. The central question, he writes, "If a mere allegation -- unsubstantiated even -- is causing impact in the public debate, isn't it a media outlet's duty to report on its existence?"

There are some roundabout references to to something you may have read here last Friday, but before you ask, this ain't Albany Eye he's talking about:
There's an Internet guy out there waging a very public crusade against a local radio host. There's been no story on this in the Times Union (and, as you noticed, no names here) -- prompting the Internet guy to wail that the paper is hushing up the story.
As we wrote last May, it's a stinky stew that simmers when angry people with too much time on their hands get computers.