Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hump Day

Say COCAINE Happy To Be Here
I've always figured that if I get arrested, I'm going to smile in my mug shot. I mean what the hell, frowning isn't going to make things any better, is it? Apparently, Tracy Noble feels the same way. The Waterford woman was arrested this week and charged with "several Class B felonies", for her alleged sale and possession of cocaine. See the whole pic here, ---and remember to put on a happy face.

For The Man Who has Everything
Now this is what I call a Christmas present:
Upgradeable Albany AM station for sale. License, equipment, and engineering study for upgrade, all available now. Includes property and new solid state transmitter. $240k, owner will finance. 877-541-XXXX (NO BROKERS)
Sure, it'll cost you some money to keep the thing on the air, but imagine the possibilities. Oh, yeah...the ad also includes this line: NO cash flow.

Cheers to the folks who want to improve the cable access channel in Albany. Jeers to the same people who say they'll feature:
City Council Meetings, news from City Library, Neighborhood Association meetings, Albany County Legislature proceedings, Election time local debates, city library news, cultural and educational programming.
Ughhhh. Maybe it's not such a great idea after all.