Thursday, December 07, 2006

Department of Media Literacy

Local community activist Daniel Van Riper criticised CapitalNews 9 in his online rant blog recently for an image they used of Albany 4th Ward Common Council member Barbara Smith. Van Riper said, "The baboons at News 9 did a stop action search through the videotapes until they found a weirdexpression while she was speaking. 'There, use that one,' said the head baboon." he accompanied his complaint with the illustration below:

That's a trick that CN9 must have learned from the NY Post. Come on. Do you really think the people at CN9 would take the time to do that? And isn't news monkeys a kinder term? Dig a bit deeper and you'll find Van Riper's no great fan of local TV. In March he went on and on about being slighted byWNYT back in 2003:
I sincerely hope and pray that Ed Dague, the female creature, and the WNYT 13 camera crew who shined the light in my face all develop lingering incurable diseases and slowly die, crying and whimpering in pain. I want them to suffer horribly. That would make me laugh with joy.
At the time, Van Riper called the station to complain; of the person he spoke to atWNYT, he says, "I hope she dies."