Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cue the Psycho Music

Former WSTM Syracuse weekend anchor Maria Damiano was arrested on trespassing charges earlier this week when she was found allegedly lurking around the home of current WSTM weekend anchor Lisa Spitz. Police say that Spitz (who according to her online bio once worked at WNYT and hails from Niskayuna) is dating Damiano's former boyfriend, WSTM photog Alex Dunbar. Duuuuude...

Damiano told the Syracuse Post-Standard, "It's just a big misunderstanding. I was as surprised as anyone by the turn of events. It's unfortunate this happened, but we'll let the legal system take its course, and I'm sure it will all be cleared up." Not surprisingly, Damiano now works in public relations. Dunbar and Spitz both requested orders of protection.