Friday, December 15, 2006

Bought and Paid For

Paul Vandenburgh, who loves skewering Capital Region "fanny kissers", had his nose so far up the butt of Bellevue Hospital CEO Ann Sailes this morning that they must have needed a proctologist to remove him.

The WROW morning host was there supporting the hospital's day-long fundraiser aimed at fighting its proposed closure under the Berger Commission report. Vandenburgh's extended interview with Sailes was completely devoid of any tough questions. It's one thing to have a love fest remote with an advertiser, but to do so with with the subject of a news story is a sell out of the worst kind. For the record, we don't know whether the remote was paid for by Bellevue or donated by the station.

On the lighter side, Vandenburgh said to Sailes, "This place is notorious for making women comfortable when they really need it."