Friday, December 15, 2006

Bio 101

Who hasn’t perused the anchor bios at the TV web sites, hunting for interesting tidbits about their favorite local newsie? At Albany Eye, we noticed that some of these bios are longer than others ----so naturally, we wondered if there might be some correlation between the length of one’s biography and other factors, such as one's sense of self-importance. The chart below shows the word count in the bios of the market's lead anchors:

Lydia Kulbida's like Avis: She's number two, but she tries harder.The only thing not included in Liz's bio is a list of her Girl Scout merit badges.

We didn’t put weather guys on the chart, but you’ll be interested to learn that Steve LaPointe’s biography on the WRGB website clocks in at a whopping 687 words, making it longer than anyone else’s in the entire market. That’s compared to Bob Kovachick’s, which runs only 158. And Steve Caporizzo? 28 words. We wish to remind you that this is not a scientific study, but TV news ain't rocket science, is it?