Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Worst Sweeps Disasters of All Time #22

Jamey Singleton: The heroin made him do it.What could it be? Your ENG truck crashes on the way to a story? Your anchor gets arrested for DWI? How about this: a nude picture of your meteorologist shows up on MySpace ---the same meteorologist who earlier this year admitted he was a heroin addict. That's what went down at Roanoke's WSLS this past week, as weather nerd Jamey Singleton was canned after a full frontal pic (edited version shown here) of him popped up on the web and in the general manager's inbox.
Another WSLS meteorologist, Marc Lamarre, overdosed on heroin last February; he later left the station ---and both Lamarre and Singleton were named as witnesses in a federal drug investigation earlier this year. What the hell is wrong with these guys? Can't they do this sh*t in March or September? Better yet, how about July? Nobody looks at that book anyway.

What does this tell us? If those forecasts have you wondering is somebody's been smoking crack, you may be right.