Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why I Love Vermont

The mysterious land of Vermont.Vermont isn't like another state, it's like another country. Where else can you buy a bunch of handguns without a permit in the morning and go get yourself a same sex marriage in the afternoon? Of all the Green Mountain State's idiosyncrasies, this may be the most interesting: you can be admitted to the bar in Vermont without ever graduating from college. I'm not talking about no law school, I'm talking about no undergraduate degree. The state is one of seven in the union that allow you to apprentice under a lawyer for a period of time, a practice known as "reading the law". After that, pass the bar exam and poof, you're a lawyer. It sounds odd, but some say that law school teaches you to take the bar exam, while an apprenticeship teaches you to be a lawer.

It's not going to get you a job at a huge law firm like White and Case, but even the best education can't guarantee that.