Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We Get Results

Knowing who won tonight won't do you a lick of good anyway, so you might as well watch something good.I went to CapitalNews 9 this afternoon to catch the latest on this most exciting of election days. Did you know that Eliot Spitzer voted at 7am? 7am?!?! I can't wait for that guy to be governor.

Anyway, this ad for Comedy Central's election coverage was what popped up above the fold on CN9's web site ---brilliant placement, thanks to Google's all-knowing media robots, which read your mind to match advertising and web content. What I really like about this is how the 24 hour cable news network ends up running an ad urging people to tune away from tonight's election coverage. That's a really interesting marketing strategy, wouldn't you say?

You can help the folks at Time Warner pay the electric bill by clicking on those ads, but I suppose not watching their election coverage will be somewhat less helpful.