Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Porco: My father's killer is still out there.Months after the end of the trial, the Times Union continues to spank everyone silly on the Porco story. This time they've gotten a sneak peak at Saturday night's 48 Hours Mystery, the one that devotes an entire hour to our favorite ax murder. Mark McGuire went down and watched the thing today at CBS in Manhattan; WRGB had planned to air clips from the show tonight at 11, but the TU beat them to it by posting excerpts of the Chris Porco interview on their web site this afternoon:
Christopher Porco told a CBS reporter that his father's killers are still on the loose. "There is no doubt in my mind. I know they are out there. At this point, I have little confidence that they will ever be caught."
OK, OJ. Meanwhile, even after the TU has spilled the beans, CBS 6 continues to plug their Porco "exclusive" with this lame-ass tease:
Porco talks about everything from the yellow jeep to the timeline that convicted him, to the support of his mother. The revealing words can be heard for the first time on CBS6, Thursday night at 11:00.
Or not. Is it possible to bludgeon someone with a newspaper? That's pretty much what's happened on this story from day one.