Friday, November 10, 2006

The Sweet Smell of John Sweeney

What will be John Sweeney's next huge success?Nothing says success like John Sweeney. Local rag Success Magazine made the mistake of choosing Sweeney as cover boy for their November issue, presumably before all that wife beating stuff hit the papers last week. And just what the hell is Success Magazine? Publisher Tom Cronin told the Business Review:
"What we try to do within our articles is interview people and find out how it is they achieve their success and also how they went through the times of highs and lows and adversity to ensure their success."
And why Sweeney?
"I think he is a success story. The fact that he lost in politics is a product of what the nation sees as a problem with the war and personal issues (that Sweeney had) at the tail end."
Hmmmm. Maybe they should consider changing their name to Dumbass Magazine.