Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Sweepys

Every ratings period, we're on the lookout for the story that goes above and beyond all others, taking local broadcast news to places it's never gone. It is for that extraordinary effort that we award The Sweepy. I am happy to announce that the winner of the November Sweepy is WRGB's expose titled Secret Society.

Secret Society was an hidden camera tour of local mens rooms where "Gay men, bisexual men, married men, and professional men do very private acts in public places." By private acts, they mean have sex, not take a crap. In the still frame below, one of the alleged bathroom perverts reaches out to grope a CBS 6 photog. Just wait until the next contract negotiations come along!

Hey, man...could you hand me some toilet paper?WRGB's Rene Marsh was the lucky reporter who got to pull bathroom duty on the story; she uttered the single best line of the whole month when she explained that, "Where they meet is jawdropping." Indeed. In the intro to part one, Greg Floyd intoned, "CBS 6 has learned there are some public restrooms in the malls that you might not want to let your children wander into alone." No. There might be sex crazed maniacs in there. Or a CBS 6 hidden camera. Watch part two here.