Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Metroland Blah-g

Metroland: We are so much cooler than you that it's not even funny.So, Metroland finally joined the 21st century and got itself a blog. So far, it seems to be extremely boring, except for their sniping at RPI student newspaper Polytechnic Online. The alt-weekly was upset about an Op-Ed piece which had the temerity to suggest that, "Metroland has virtually no audience on our campus." Thank God! I was wondering when someone would take on that confounded RPI student newspaper.

I'd say they could use some blogging lessons from their own Miriam Axel-Lute. Here's a recent posting from her corner of the blogosphere:
I need a tampon for a demonstration at the alternative menstrual products workshop at the Albany Skill Share (which is tomorrow! Come!), but I'd rather not buy a box for the purpose. Anyone local (or coming to the skill share though non-local) want to donate one to the cause?
Now THAT is some interesting blogging. Please send your tampons to Ms. Axel-Lute at Metroland, 419 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12210.