Friday, November 03, 2006

Notes From The Irish Sports Page

Who even knew that the Times Union had an obituary policy? Paul Grondahl today writes about how the family of 93-year-old Helen Sharpe had to wrangle with the ad department over the politically charged content of her obit. Here's what they submitted:
She left strict instructions that there be no schmaltzy sentimentality of mourning, urging that in lieu of expressions of grief people should send urgent messages to their legislators to force U.S. signing of the Kyoto Protocol, then vote in such a way as to send Bush a strong message of disgust with his policies and politics.
Sales made them change the message of disgust part to this:
...urging that in lieu of expressions of grief, people who wish to remember her continue to support the Kyoto Protocol and oppose the Bush Administration.
What I like about this whole thing is how the editorial side of the paper defied the sales side by getting her complete and unedited message printed anyway. Right on.

Should I suffer some unfortunate fate over the weekend. here's what I'd like in my obit:
Don't vote for wife beaters. The candidates, not the undergarments.