Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hey, WRGB!

Yes, you. I see you over there on Balltown Road. Don't think for a minute you can hide from us, because we have some questions:

First of all, this banner has been up for like six weeks. Are you going to do this story or just talk about it?

The suspense is killing me. Secondly: Has GM Bob Furlong decided again that his hard working employees don't deserve a Christmas party? Last year, Scroogey McFurlong cancelled the holiday celebration to save a few bucks for his masters at the ironically named Freedom Broadcasting. The least you can do for your employees this time of year is treat them to a meal and get them drunk, so give it up for the poor bastards who keep you in business, OK.

Third, are you guys going to taser Liz Bishop, or not? You've got ONE DAY left before sweeps ends, so it's time to shoot or get off the pot.