Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Here it comes, are you ready?"

When did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Sweeney?The rumors about a violent altercation at the John Sweeney household last December have finally surfaced in the newspapers. For months, local TV and print newsrooms have been trying to get verification that the police visited the Sweeney place on December 2, 2005 ---this after reportedly receiving a call from a woman claiming that her husband was "knocking her around".

Today, the Daily News and the Times Union both have major stories about the incident, which the Sweeney camp has denounced as "a piece of campaign propaganda in the continued smear campaign against Congressman John Sweeney and his family." The Sweeney-ites went on to threaten legal action against any media outlet that "plans to run a story based on this unauthentic, false and concocted document." Among those jumping all over this today, is the Washington political blog Wonkette.

You can read the allegedly concocted document here.

Voters need to ask themselves this next Tuesday: Have the police ever been called to your house because you were having a fight with your wife? If so, John Sweeney may be your man.

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