Monday, November 27, 2006

Geting Ink

Is your name tattooed on somebody's leg? I think not.Well, we've finally gotten that Phil Bayly tattoo nailed down (ouch!). According to a story on the WNYT page of The Hubbub, Hubbard Broadcasting's in-house newsletter, the tattoo resides on the leg of studio cameraman Nick DeMartino. All we can say, is that's some wild sh*t. Tattoos, fortunately, aren't quite as permanent as they used to be. The Hubbub asked:
Would Nick DeMartino ever consider losing his anchor tattoo? "No," he said. "Phil Bayly will always rock."
In an email to Albany Eye, DeMartino said that the the tattoo was free and, "Worth it for the laughs I got." That's funny, because that's exactly what I tell people who ask me why I write this stuff.