Friday, November 03, 2006

The Friday File

Don Weeks He Ain't
From Mark McGuire's Point of Viewing blog:
WGY "Won’t say where former weekend and weekday host Ed Martin has gone. Sources within the industry say Martin was booted for using a low-grade vulgarity against a caller, a sign of the ridiculous if warranted sensibilities of stations scared blank-less of an FCC fine. WGY bosses won’t comment, saying it’s a personnel matter."
Actually, we read in a local broadcast message board that Martin called the listener an asshole. That's pretty low-grade, but it really is the only way to describe some people, isn't it? Someone on the message board also claims that Martin used the term blowjob during the same broadcast. We think that an asshole gets you a warning and a blowjob gets you a suspended. An asshole and a blowjob during the same show? That, my friend, will get you fired.

Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine
If you've ever listened to Paul Vandenburgh and wondered what's up that guy's ass, now we know. The WROW morning host spent the better part of Wednesday morning talking about the colonoscopy he'd had the day before. Then on Thursday morning , Vandenburgh had it stuck up his wazoo by Capital OTB. When the WROW morning host showed up for his remote at the OTB Teletheatre, he couldn't get in ---and did the first 15 minutes of his show on the cell phone as he drove back to his Latham studio.

A Class Act
It looks like Dan DiNicola is leaving WRGB at the end of the year. We've always liked DiNicola, who knows how to tell a story far better than a lot of the people you see on local TV these days. Telling a good story is apparently less valuable than being cheap, young, and disposable.