Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eat the Bird

Welcome white man! Please help yourself to whatever you'd like!Saratoga Gaming and Raceway has been relentlessly hawking its Thanksgiving Day Feast buffet tomorrow. Hey, why not go to the Racino on Thanksgiving, right? In fact, why not bring the whole family for, "All the traditional turkey dinner fixins' and a $5 gaming voucher for only $17.95 per person!" Not that hungry? Then you can enjoy the $4.95 special in the food court, which includes turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. What more do you need?

Well, if you ask me, that's just plain wrong.

We're Americans and Thanksgiving is the most American of holidays, so if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving just as the Pilgrims did, you should not go to the stupid Racino...but to Turning Stone. At Turning Stone you will be the guest of the Native Americans, just as our forefathers were on that cold November day so many years ago. Enjoy the hospitality of these noble people, and be sure to stick around for the day's featured entertainment, The Vietnamese Concert. Plus, at Turning Stone, you can play a full range of table games, not just those stupid VLTs . Skip grandma's house tomorrow ---and take this opportunity to say thanks and give a little back to our first Thanksgiving hosts.