Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Day After

Election Night is like Super Bowl Sunday for local TV news, and just as the biggest football game of the year doesn't always live up to the hype, last night's coverage was drearily similar and undistinguished. Everybody will say they won today, but the only station with any real edge was CapitalNews 9. They gave us the same thing everyone else did, except they were on all night long, providing results, live reports, and analysis. None ofthe stations can play the gravitas card either ---and even if they could, it would have been tough to beat CN9's Brian Taffe; hosting Capital Tonight has honed him into a skilled and seasoned anchor who can work (and think) without a prompter.

WAMC and WGY were solid, but WGY deserves special credit for the inspired pairing of Arnold Proskin and Libby Post in the punditry perch. As expected, they were colorful and interesting.

Paul Vandenburgh cops a feel.WROW? The highlight of Election Day was Paul Vandenburgh drooling over CapitalNews 9 anchor Julie Chapman yesterday morning. His lecherous verbal pawing was degrading and disgusting; the people at Time Warner should think twice before putting their anchor in a situation where she's treated like a piece of meat.