Monday, November 06, 2006

Can a Voter Get a Table Dance?

What? You haven't seen this spot with Sweeney's wife? This was recorded on the same day the happy couple came out and denied everything, and I must say, Mrs. Sweeney's performance is not convincing. What you see here can best be compared to hostage videos coming out of Iraq, except the people in those are usually a bit more believable. I'm not saying anyone was holding a gun to her head; it would be more appropriate to say there were a pair of meaty hands pointed in her direction.

By the way, what's up with this confusion over Mrs. Sweeney's first name? Is is Gayle or Gaia? As somebody who's been around a bit, I must point out that Gaia sound suspiciously like a stripper name. I must further point out that Mrs. Sweeney bears a striking resemblance to an entertainer who performed at my bachelor party. Further yet, let me state that those red boxers with the yellow starfish on them were my all-time favorite pair of underwear, and I did not appreciate having them cut off of me with a pair of scissors.

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