Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Attack of the Angry Orthodontists!

If you spent the day with your hands in somebody's mouth, you wouldn't have a sense of humor, either. We made mention last week of the Halloween candy buy-back scam program being perpetrated conducted by the orthodontic practice of Drs. Decker, Sbuttoni, Boghosian, DiCerbo and Lawless. Apparently some other media picked up on this ---and not in a good way. Yesterday, the mouth mechanics fired off a nasty press release defending their efforts.

Here are some highlights; you can read the whole thing here:

Some D.J.s and TV personalities have given their personal opinions that our candy buy back program is just about money, I assume those personalities only have the ability to read certain lines in our press release and this press release is for them. Our practice does buy candy back from children in the area, but we don’t do it just to give them a monetary reward and remove the candy from them, it is to instill a feeling of giving up something you desire to help benefit others.

It is a sad day when the media contributes to ridiculing an event, which was designed to benefit others and help children learn about giving back to the community, and at the same time being rewarded for their sacrifice.
I think they should hunt down those "D.J.s and TV personalities" and wire their mouths shut.