Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two Years and 48 Hours

I'd really like to know where that Jeep is these days, wouldn't you?In case you haven't heard, CBS has scheduled its Porco edition of 48 Hours for Saturday, October 28. That's days after Christopher Porco's scheduled sentencing on the 25th ---and just shy of Halloween, which seems oddly appropriate for some reason.

A recent article in the Delmar Spotlight offered some interesting details about the production ----including an account of an elaborate shoot on Brockley Drive that included some taping inside the former Porco home. The producers also interviewed the convicted murderer in late August:
The only people allowed in the room with Porco were a correction officer, attorney Laurie Shanks, and the CBS TV crew. Producers would not reveal what Christopher Porco had to say during the 30-minute interview. Porco reportedly requested to be allowed to wear a suit jacket and even asked for hair gel for the interview but was denied both requests. Instead, he was interviewed in his yellow jailhouse clothes.
The Spotlight's Jim Cuozzo asked Albany County Sheriff James Campbell to describe his best known prisoner: "He mostly reads and keeps to himself," said Campbell. "He gets a lot of mail from young females from the Delmar area."