Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rosebud Radio

Students at the College of St. Rose now have their own radio station. Don't hunt for it over on the left side of the dial, where you'll find other college stations, because this one can only be heard on the internet.

Even though they're not actually broadcasting, this is a good addition to the school's already strong communication department. This won't sound like some free form mess, where student DJs get on and play their favorite songs ---St. Rose is running a tightly formatted ship with an emphasis on college and community affairs, documentary style programming, and performances. From the press release:
The programming content will support the College's overall mission and goals of supporting student engagement, helping to develop a sense of community and serving as a community forum.
This is in marked contrast to Siena College's WVCR, whose overall mission is to ape commercial radio. Siena recently hired Darrin Kibbey to run WVCR; Kibbey, like station director John Kelly, used to work for Albany Broadcasting. Many people in the media community believe that Siena alumn and Albany Broadcasting owner Jim Morrell likes to keep a tight reign on WVCR, making sure they don't step on the toes of FLY-92 or his other wonderful radio stations.