Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Writers. They're overworked and underpaid --- unless they're John Grisham, or something like that.

For example, take the case of David Waage of Bolton Landing. Waage won an online contest MasterCard sponsored by writing the copy for a commercial in their Priceless campaign. It worked like this: entrants were to compose the voice over for a spot created by Stephen Gaghan, the writer/director who brought us the George Clooney film, Syriana. Waage's simple and elegant treatment charmed the judges so much that they awarded him the $1600 grand prize. OK, $1600 is nothing to sneeze at, but I'm sure that director Gaghan took home a hell of a lot more than $1600. And on the topic of writing, $1600 is a lot more than Gaghan deserved for writing the script for The Alamo, but that's another story. From the Post Star:
The win has given Waage a shot of confidence, renewing his enthusiasm for writing, which he once used at his school's paper. He'll try to send out some columns or articles, maybe find a new job, he said. "Who the heck knows?" he said.
Maybe he can apply to write a blog for the Times Union. In his own words, who the heck knows?