Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Porco Postponed

First he's convicted of murder; now he's being jerked around by CBS.What's 48 Hours Mystery going to do about their big Porco expose? The CBS show had planned to air the Porco edition on October 28, three days after Christopher Porco's sentencing. Now that Judge Jeffrey Berry has moved the sentencing to December 12, the producers are in a pickle.

It seems unlikely that 48 Hours will allow this thing to go on the air without the final chapter being told, but we'll see. And how's the Capital Region's most famous criminal doing? Terry Kindlon told the TU: "He's OK. You know Chris. He's pretty cool."

UPDATED: Mark McGuire reports in his blog that CBS has moved the Porco airdate to November 4. He says:
A CBS spokeswoman said on Wednesday that the original air date was tentative, while Nov. 4 is firm barring, unexpected developments.
Meanwhile someone posted this email at WNYT's Porco blog:
As of now, the program on the Porco case will either air on Saturday, November 4th or Saturday, January 6th. Depending how this, and another case that we are following, develop, will determine when we choose to air the program. Please check your local listings around both of these dates to be sure.

Thank you very much,
Lauren Clark
48 Hours
CBS News
Who's right? Who the hell knows; as the lady says, check your local listings.