Friday, October 06, 2006

Pledging Your Love

When it comes to the WAMC fund drive, sex sells. In an on-air appeal for volunteers to answer calls, Alan Chartock mentions that numerous marriages have bloomed from relationships forged on the phone banks. I think he's suggesting that loin fireworks may erupt between the volunteers, but that's not strictly the case. For example, if you've never heard how RoundTable host Susan Arbetter met her husband, you really need to read this lovely story ---particularly if you're romantically minded.

Anyway, at Albany Eye, we're committed to helping you hook up, so here are some tips for meeting that special someone while volunteering at the fund drive:
  • Do not wear your Sweeney For Congress pin. Or your NRA hat.
  • Park the gas guzzling SUV a few blocks over, take your bike off the rack, and ride it to the station. Wheel it inside with you. If you're lucky, the car will be there when you return.
  • Gush over how pleased you are that the station is finally airing Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me.
  • Memorize the names of some decent books you can claim to have read. Do not include the DaVinci Code.
  • Bring some soy snacks. Practice eating them beforehand so you don't make a face or gag.
  • Do not discuss television shows.
Remember: Alan Chartock would make an exceptionally good wingman, so try to enlist his aid if you see someone interesting.