Thursday, October 19, 2006

Odds n' Sods

Funeral For a Friend
I'm a little worried about Mark McGuire. The TU media writer posted this in his Point of Viewing blog:
Need some help here
What songs would you like played at your wake or funeral (in the far, far future)? Looking for suggestions.
E-mail me at Leave a contact number.
Is he writing a story or planning his own funeral? There may be a lot of Met fans who feel like killing themselves tomorrow, but either way, send him an email, won't you?

F-Bombs Away
I am hear that foul language being used in TV newsrooms. Boston ABC affiliate WCVB has banned newsroom cursing after this incident:
The station broke in to carry a live press conference on University of Vermont student Michelle Gardner-Quinn, whose body had been found 15 miles from campus. After the press conference, the station replayed an edited portion of it during its 5 p.m. newscast. During that segment, as the Burlington, Vt., police chief spoke, a WCVB producer could be heard shouting the "F" word in the background.
The VERY DAY reports of the UAlbany rape case emerged, this appeared in the New York Times:
"The Duke situation has had a chilling effect," said Lee McElroy, the athletic director at the University at Albany, which is part of the State University of New York system. Mr. McElroy is also president of the national association of athletic directors. "There’s no question athletic administrators everywhere, maybe even corporate executives everywhere, saw the lessons learned. Athletic administrators have been quick to change."