Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life With Mikey

I switched on WROW's Paul Vandenburgh this morning and he was going on about Mike Fox. Mike Fox this, and Mike Fox that, and then Mike Fox said such-and-such. It took me a couple of minutes, but then I understood that he was talking about Michael J. Fox, who is appearing in political ads this election season supporting Democrats who back stem cell research. I've never heard anyone refer to him as Mike, but maybe Vandenburgh is a friend of Fox's or something.

Right after the Mike-fest came this stunning statement:
You're listening to the number one rated morning news/talk program in the Capital District.
Vandenburgh repeated this about a hundred times in the next hour ---also pointing out that his is the number one AM morning show. Who can blame him? Beating WGY is a big deal, even if people are listening because the show is a train wreck, so bad that it makes irresistible listening.