Friday, October 27, 2006

Give Me a Hand

What are people talking about? That's a question you'll frequently hear in newsroom meetings ---and it seems everybody this morning is joking talking about the sticky situation over at Macy's men's room at Colonie Center. From the Times Union:
Town police have arrested seven men on charges of public lewdness in the Macy's men's room at Colonie Center. Undercover officers followed the men inside and arrested them after they were seen masturbating, police said.
Yuck! CapitalNews 9 has had a firm hold on this story since it suddenly erupted yesterday afternoon. They asked Colonie Police Detective Lt. John Vanalstyne what drew men to that location:
"That's part of the investigation, but obviously they knew to go there. They were there for this reason. I don't know if it's out on the internet or something, but we're checking into however the means they knew how to go to this men's room on the second floor."
Ah yes, the internet. It's nothing but trouble.