Monday, October 23, 2006

Flash: Northway Expected Slow This Morning!

Fox 23's new morning newscast is putting huge emphasis on traffic reporting ----Oh! I'm sorry, I meant traffic forecasting, as explained in this ad:

Isn't forecasting Capital Region traffic a little like forecasting the weather in San Diego? Just as it's going to be sunny and warm every day there, the Northway is going to slow down during rush hour. Every day. I promise. If you need a forecast to tell you that, you really need to pay a little closer attention. And regarding accidents, you can't exactly forecast those; that would make you a fortune teller.

At 5am this morning, traffic forecaster Kaitlyn Barto explained, "When the green arrows are in motion, traffic is traveling at the speed limit." Now that's some news: people driving at the speed limit. They must be tracking that with their four Doppler radars.