Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Brief Respite

Give it up for WAMC.Finally, something worth listening to on morning drive radio. It's intelligent, so we know it's not WROW. It's witty, so that rules out FLY-92. It's spontaneous, so it couldn't be WGY. There's no annoying music, so rule out WGNA. And it's fun, so that pretty much eliminates everyone else. What is it? It's the WAMC fund drive. This week, Alan Chartock is leading the station on a quest for $700 thousand dollars. That sounds like quite a hill to climb, but by the time they called it quits last night, on the first day of the drive, they'd already brought in more than $191,000.

What's interesting, is that the same thing that makes Howard Stern good radio makes the fund drive good radio. When you strip away the endless repetition of the phone number, what you get is smart people talking. No, there's no shortage of people talking on morning radio, but what's in short supply is the smart.