Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stems N' Seeds

Spuds Deluxe
SALEM -- Red, white and blue potatoes from Sheldon Farms in Salem will be served at the "New York Farm Day" hosted by Senator Hillary Clinton Tuesday, September 19 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the elegant Senate Russell Caucus Room at the crest of Capitol Hill.
House members from New York will be among attendees at today's invitation only event, which will also feature a selection of the state's finest wines. Somebody better keep an eye on Sweeney.

Have you seen that motorcycle spot for the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee? It's a complete ripoff of the Volkswagen accident campaign, where one second folks are innocently driving along and suddenly they're whacked by another car ---or in this case, a motorcycle. Along with the actor from that lame Time Warner Cable "toothache" spot, it features a wooden performance from DMV Commissioner Nancy Naples. You half wish that the people in the car swerved to avoid the motorcycle and ran her over instead.

Bass Ackward
I thought there was some sort of control room mistake when I saw CapitalNews 9's Marcie Fraser running up a hill backwards, but no, she was really running up a hill backwards. This apparently works those leg muscles neglected during ordinary running. Fraser offers this bit of helpful advice:
When you're picking a hill, make sure there's very little traffic.
You may also want to do this at night, because you're going to look like a complete idiot.