Thursday, September 21, 2006

Space Out

From anchorman...Hey, who remembers CapitalNews 9's Rick Douglas? He really stood out on the cable news channel because he was one of the few mature males you ever saw anchoring over there. Douglas, who vanished from the station around the time of the Albany/Syracuse shakeup, almost seemed like a father figure to all those young, up-and-coming TV journalists.

...To macho man.Well, Douglas has resurfaced at everybody's favorite purveyor of personal web content, MySpace, where you'll find lots of photos like the one seen here ---and this explanation of where his head is at: "I am a former TV newsman who is in transition. The industry being what it is today, meaning shallow and almost irrelevant, and prizing physical attributes over experience." He also writes, "I am not married and don't plan to be. However, in the event it happens, my partner would likely sport an oversized tux or suit jacket instead of a dress. " Well , OK, make than an uncle figure.

Troll around MySpace a bit you'll, find a whole bunch of familiar faces from local TV news, like this person, this one, this former local reporter, this young lady, a CBS 6 meteorologist, and last but not least, our favorite morning anchor. No, it's not Ed O'Brien, you knuckleheads.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The MySpace pages listed above that were not already private are private now. Take my word for it: they were much more interesting before.