Monday, September 11, 2006

Shakes On A Plane

If you plan on flying Southwest to or from Baltimore on Saturday, September 30, take note. That's the day Albany International's fear of flying class celebrates its graduation with a round trip to Charm City.

I'm not crazy about having one person on the plane who might freak out, but a whole gang of them? The session is being conducted by Shirley McMorris, Ph.D., who is described by airport flack Doug Myers as having "extensive experience dealing with anxiety and panic disorders." At 30,000 feet, I'll leave that to the air marshals. Maybe Homeland Security can schedule some extra help for those flights.

Myers also says the classes are "designed to assist travelers who may suffer from a disproportionate fear of flying." Being a little bit afraid is maybe not a bad idea, what with the chance of your pilot taking off from the wrong runway or a wing falling off the plane. Just the same, I think we'd all prefer if the frightened flyer class celebrate by taking Amtrak to New York.