Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Office of General Money Wasting

It's impossible to imagine how much of your tax money New York State wastes every day, so maybe it's helpful to consider a small example. I saw a ridiculous 1300 word press release from OGS yesterday telling about their recent employee of the month recipients and other award winning state workers. Here's a sample of the crap it contained:
Because of the Herculean effort of the PSG Group, New York was honored by the National Association of State Purchasing Officials (NASPO) with the Cronin Classic Gold Award. In presenting the award to PSG representatives, the NASPO Evaluation Committee stated: "This initiative paved the way for innovative looks at cooperative procurement strategies..."
WTF? If you need to send out stupid press releases that no one wants to read, fine. The problem here is that OGS paid Empire Information Services to distribute the thing. You can see from their rates, that this can get pricey, but even if OGS has a special deal, spending even one dollar on this mess is one dollar too much. Here's an idea: have someone spend a couple of days compiling an email list and send out your own press releases. Then make that person the employee of the month.