Friday, September 08, 2006

Katie Q and A

Greg Floyd, Liz Bishop, and Bo Tox.Liz Bishop and Greg Floyd went on a little field trip to New York recently, where they talked to Katie Couric. This was one of those affiliate cattle calls, where local stations line up for an audience with the big time talent. CBS 6 aired a portion of the interview Wednesday night, and Liz opened with this question:
On a local level, we try really hard to ask the questions that our community wants answered. How does this fit in with your philosophy?
How lame is that? This "question" was more of a promotional statement referring to the station's new marketing effort, a campaign promising to "ask the questions you want answered". So, how does that fit in with Katie's philosophy? I'm not sure, as my eyes were glazing over about two words into her answer. Speaking of questions, Liz let Greg ask a question too, something about how all news stories are local. See if she lets him do that again.