Friday, September 29, 2006

Girl of the North Country

Lucky spoon.Are you one of those people who can't stand her incessant jabbering? Does the word Yummo make you cringe? Would you pay $40 a day to make her disappear? Then you probably won't want to watch Rachael Ray's new syndicated show.

There's no question that Ray is a polarizing figure, and this does nothing to find any middle ground. The producers have created the perfect platform for her exuberant personality; it's a relentless hour of energy that delivers the goods for people who enjoy Ray, and will leave those who don't like her wanting to slash their wrists.

As long as they can keep the energy level up, it's sure to work. For women she's the fun best friend who can always make them laugh. And imagine her helping out with your party. Men would like her at the party, too ---except they want her out back on the deck slamming shots of tequila.

One note: I wouldn't try the viewer tip that showed a woman using her washing machine as a salad spinner. I don't know about you, but I put all sorts of nasty stuff in my washing machine.