Friday, September 22, 2006

From the World of Advertising

Ugly, annoying billboards get even more annoying. From the Business Review:
Zone 5, a marketing communications firm in Albany, N.Y., has unveiled a series of "talking" billboards across the state to promote client Clarkson University. The billboards are equipped with radio transmitters developed by Zone 5, and are designed to entice drivers to tune into a prominently displayed AM radio frequency.
These stupid things have been around for like 20 years, but there's an important difference here: Zone 5 apparently jerry-rigged its own transmitters since it couldn't find any off the shelf models. Cool! Can you spell FCC?


TU political blog Capitol Confidential yesterday offered some info on John Faso's upstate media buy. Liz Benjamin explains the whole GRP thing like this:
It appears he'll have the most gross rating points (between 700 and just over 800 a week) in Syracuse and Watertown. In Syracuse, 750 GRPs = about 150 airings/week.
Unless you buy cable, then 750 GRPs = 1,230,000 airings a week.


In other ad news, has MVP gotten a new agency? For the first time ever, their open enrollment spots aren't completely unwatchable ---read about last year's hideously awful Media Logic campaign here.