Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Failure To Launch

The digital cable channel guide says it's there, the TU's weekly ON TV listings say it's there, and even the program lineup on the station's website says it's there, but you know what? It ain't there. I'm speaking of Fox 23's new early morning newscast.

The show was scheduled to kick-off on September 18, but so far the only thing you'll find on the station at that hour are infomercials. GM Jeff Whitson told Mark McGuire back in June that they would start this week, so it's not like there wasn't time to get the thing off the ground. Most GM's know more about selling commercials in a newscast than producing a newscast, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised. The program is to be anchored by three-time Congressional candidate Mark Baker, and Diane Lee, formerly known as the Songbird of Scranton.

Meanwhile, a radio spot I heard yesterday said that the new show is "coming this September"; they'd better get a move on, because September is almost over.