Friday, September 15, 2006

Dear In The Headlights

Katie Couric says: Fu*k you, Albany Eye.If you didn't know it was Katie Couric, you'd wonder what this awkward and uncomfortable person is doing reading the evening news. Couric's poise and presence is no better than any number of people you see anchoring on the 24 hour cable news channels during the day ---and if you ask me it's often worse. That someone with so much experience in front of the camera can come off seeming so wrong and out of place is mysterious.

You may be saying, "Hey, wait a second! It hasn't been even two weeks and you're throwing her under the bus?!" Yes, it's been eight shows, but how much rehearsal time was invested in getting Couric up to speed? In the bigs, they work out the kinks before going on the air, not after. If you could see inside the minds of the execs at CBS, you'd find some people wondering if they've made a terrible, terrible mistake.