Monday, September 18, 2006

Close Enough For Government Work

Earlier this month, we talked about the Eliot Spitzer ad using Ashokan Farewell, the well known song from in the Ken Burns Civil War documentary. The most recent Spitzer ad, titles Responsibility Road, appropriates another poignant tune, the iconic Shaker dance song, Simple Gifts. Many of you may be familiar with Simple Gifts from Aaron Copland's use of it in Appalachian Spring, or its insidious re-tooling as Lord of the Dance. Anyway, it's a lovely spot, telling of how Spitzer toured David Paterson's childhood school and how each hallway had a special name, and so on. One problem: that never happened. NY 1 reports:
Instead, Spitzer delivered remarks outside the school. He took questions and then walked away from the door, making a quick trip to his nearby office. It was Paterson alone who walked through the hallways, passing the inspirational signs about truth and honesty, before reuniting with a classmate he hadn't seen for decades.
I think what really happened is that Spitzer told Paterson he was coming for the tour and quietly snuck away.