Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where In the World Isn't Paul Vandenburgh?

You know I enjoy busting on WROW's Paul Vandenburgh, but I assure you, it's all in fun. I can't help it if he's funny... like earlier in the week when we heard him misidentifying Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, saying "Little Cuba? Is that what they call it? Or Mini Havana?." Hilarious.

But this is serious. It's really puzzling why Vandenburgh hasn't bothered to take his show -even for one day- down to Goshen to cover the Porco murder trial. The morning program frequently goes on the road to all sorts of irrelevant locations which are mostly part of a deal with some advertiser, so why not spend the morning outside the courthouse, covering the biggest local story of the year? On top of that, he could go find himself a seat in the courtroom for the rest of the day so he could offer his listeners a first hand perspective. But, whatever... I suppose what we see here is that there's a big difference between somebody who works to make his show interesting and someone who puts in the minimum posssible effort and preparation.

The Vandenburgh show has recently had some good numbers in the wake of Howard Stern's departure, but as they say, even a dead cat bounces once.