Tuesday, August 01, 2006

When Pigs Fly

Please don't let them kll me.Saratoga had the fiberglas horse statues and Bennington the moose. Guilderland? Pigs.

In case you're not familiar with these pride building public art projects, it works like this: A local business or institution sponsors (buys) one of these statues and an artist does it up in a suitably artistic manner, as artists are want to do. Then kids and other like-minded individuals drive around town and look at them. Or steal them ---and you just knew that this Guilderland pig thing would turn ugly.

In July Bruce Pigsteen was stolen and later returned ---and now another of the Guilderland Chamber's pigs has gone missing. This time, the pignappers employed brutal measures in their abduction of Liberty (pictured above), as detailed in this press release from chamber director Jane Schramm:
The thieves, who are suspected to be a group of teenagers, sawed the pig off at the feet to set it free. The feet of the pig are still in the cement and he has disappeared without a trace.
Sure, blame the teenagers. I hope that they cut off the head and throw it on Jane Schramm's lawn.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Liberty was returned late Monday. According to a Times Union story, Jane Schramm "called the thieves mean-spirited and 'idiots.'"