Wednesday, August 23, 2006

UAlbany Blues

Everybody's talking about how UAlbany dropped in Princeton Review's (registration required) list of party schools. That's interesting, but the big story is all the other top twenty lists that the university appeared on:
  • Long Lines and Red Tape (#13)
  • Professors Get Low Marks (#12)
  • Professors Make Themselves Scarce (#1)
  • Students Dissatisfied with Financial Aid (#18)
  • Lots of Hard Liquor (#20)
  • Is It Food? (#7)
  • Campus Is Tiny, Unsightly, or Both (#2)
  • Dorms Like Dungeons (#6)
  • Least Happy Students (#13)
So, what about all the positive lists UAlbany appears on? There aren't any.

These rankings are based on student surveys, so while they may not accurately reflect reality, they gauge what students say about their school. UAlbany students seem to be saying, "This place sucks." Regardless of what you think of Princeton Review's methodology, how would you feel about sending your kid there?