Monday, August 21, 2006

Three Time Loser

Mark Baker stumbled into broadcasting, but couldn't stumble into Congress.Fox 23 is gearing up to launch their morning news on September 18 with two new faces, Mark Baker, from WAOW Wausau, Wisconsin, and Diane Lee, coming by way of WYOU in Scranton. Baker's WAOW bio (now offline) contains this note: Mark left the news business in 1996 to pursue other interests.

It turns out that among those other interests was running for Congress. In 1996, 1998, and 2000, Baker ran on the Republican ticket against incumbent Lane Evans(D) for the seat in the 17th Congressional District of Illinois. He lost all three times.

Lane Evans, who has battled Parkinson's disease since 1995, is a former Marine and Vietnam vet with a law degree from Georgetown. Baker, according to his bio, "spent a few years in sales in the food and beverage industry before making a career change into broadcasting as a traffic reporter in Los Angeles."

I expect Baker will be a major asset on election night.