Friday, August 04, 2006


Watts That You Say?
Everybody's looking for ways to save electricity this week. Not everything they're coming up with is a good idea. For example, in a press release from UAlbany, we learned that the institution has "turned off bathroom and roof exhausts and other extraneous fans." Great. The bathroom will not only be hot, it will stink. Maybe they can unleash some odor eating nanobots to scour the poop smell out of the air.

Sanctimoniously Yours
High-minded alt-weekly Metroland would never stoop to publishing a story about the Porco murder trial. In their What A Week section, they write:
From a TU story that polled the opinions of Chris Porco's fellow diners at Delmar's Four Corner's Luncheonette to the exploitive overuse of Joan Porco's image, nothing was too tasteless if it satiated the Porco addiction.
Tasteless? This from the folks who publish two and a half pages of ads for escort services and strip clubs.

Catskill Game Farm, one of the last vestiges of Greene County's heyday as a vacation mecca, is slated to shut the doors and empty the cages in October. Recent trips have taken some of the shine off my memories of the place, which stretch back four decades, but I suspect I'll be back just one more time to feed the baby sheep.

Double Feature From Hell
Through last night at Hathaway's Drive-In in North Hoosick, Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth was playing with You, Me and Dupree. How's that for catering to both the Vermonters and the folks in Rensselaer County? Also: A reader informs us that Hathaway's features home made french fries, so put them your summer hit list.